Please note this is a general guide only, all itineraries are subject to change based on weather conditions and crew judgement. In addition to below there is also lots of cruising, and extra kayaking or walking where time allows.

Stewart Island - 6 days 5 nights

  • Day 1 - Bluff to Port Adventure. Take the express catamaran across Foveaux Strait - from Bluff to Halfmoon Bay, where you will board the Milford Wanderer and cruise to Port Adventure. Port Adventure is where Oysters were first harvested commercially in the 1800s.  Finish the day with an afternoon beach and/or forest walk.

  • Day 2 - Port Adventure to Port Pegasus. A 3-hour morning sea passage to Port Pegasus. Time for kayaking and/or a walk to the lookout above Evening Cove.

  • Day 3 - Port Pegasus. Activities around Port Pegasus including a morning walk up the impressive granite peak of Bald Cone and a 3 - 4 hour conservation trip led by DOC on the Tin Range.

  • Day 4 - Port Pegasus to Paterson Inlet. Visit the old 1800s fishing base at North Pegasus and the Belltopper Falls, then a 4 hour sea passage to Paterson Inlet in the afternoon.

  • Day 5 - Paterson Inlet. Spend the morning on the Ulva Island bird sanctuary.  In the afternoon visit the historic Norwegian whaling station in Prices Inlet and/or kayak Kaipipi Bay.

  • Day 6 - Paterson Inlet to Bluff. A morning walk from Golden Bay across to Halfmoon Bay and Oban township.  Express catamaran to Bluff in the afternoon.