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Preservation Inlet Discovery Expeditions

Cruising in the remote southwest of Fiordland is a unique combination of adventure, history, natural beauty and good company. 

Join us on the ultimate voyage of discovery on an exploration of 5 of New Zealand’s remote fiords; Chalky and Preservation Inlets as well as the stunning Doubtful, Dusky and Breaksea Sounds.

Preservation and Chalky inlets offer remote wind-swept coastlines and grand sweeping beaches.  In the past, the natural harbours in this area attracted early whalers and miners. Only a few traces of their attempts to tame the landscape still remain. You’ll experience the extreme isolation of this inspirational wilderness, its beauty, wildlife and fascinating history.

From aboard the purpose-built Milford Wanderer you will trace the route Captain Cook took during his historic 1773 voyage to seek out the hypothetical Terra Australis. During your cruise, you will land on beautiful beaches and spend time exploring the coastline via tender craft and kayak.

Memories of an environment where nature rules and pioneers struggled to survive, will linger long after your return to civilisation.

  • 7 day expedition of Doubtful, Breaksea and Dusky Sounds and Preservation and Chalky Inlets - with 1-way helicopter transfer included
  • On-board specialist nature guides who provide informative commentary and evening talks
  • Great facilities, friendly crew and outstanding food onboard the Milford Wanderer
  • Guided walks through rainforest and along beautiful deserted shorelines
  • Visit historic sites and abandoned settlements
  • Tender craft and kayaks for exploration of the coastline
  • Coach connections from Te Anau and Queenstown at extra cost

Preservation Inlet Discovery Expeditions

Leaving from Manapouri



Season: Apr, May, Aug - Oct

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights

From $3500

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